ep. 00 Where is your peaceful mind?


Dear readers and friends,

I just realized that this is actually the first time I am “writing” something on this blog. As you all know, I am jae10 and I have been posting web cartoon, ‘sentimentale’ for last two years. I am writing this to officially announce that ‘sentimentale’ is coming to an end.

For those who I met at ConBravo 2013, you might be surprised (Since you probably learned about ‘sentimentale’ this weekend), but I have been thinking about it for a while.

To me, ‘sentimentale’ was a way to deliver my thoughts to you. We live in an extremely oppressive society. We take many things for granted and often forget to question them; Africa is not a continent. Yes, we need bathrooms on the ground floor. Bandaid should be available in different skin colours. Not all Asians speak Chinese. There are several reasons why we need unisex public washrooms. Public transportation needs to be cheaper and more accessible. We spend way too much time looking at our cell phones (including myself)… List goes on. Maybe not every single episode, but I wanted to talk about these things more in humorous way whenever possible.

Maybe there are more things I can talk about. However, I started to feel that I am losing too many things because of all the commitments that I made for myself. I feel the time is running out.

Therefore, I decided to make a closure on this.

Thank you for checking our my weekly episodes. I hope I gave you a little room to think about some of the stuff that I mentioned above.


… One more thing,

‘sentimentale’ does not end today. I feel the proper end will be episode 100. As a finale, I prepared something special for next 10 episodes. Here is the preview:

I will be out of town for the month of August. The next 10 episodes will be posted starting in late September, if not, early October. Um… you know what? Let’s just say, fall 2013. I want to have enough time to work on this, and I do not want to ruin my August just focusing on this. I hope you understand.

Well, until then, take care : )